Israeli Restrictions On Gaza’s Main Crossing Threaten Economic Sectors

Gaza (Palestine Online)- Palestinian farmers and traders in the Gaza Strip have held a protest at Karm Abu Salem crossing, demanding an end to what they called its suffocating closure by Israel. 

Karm Abu Salem crossing, the only crossing into the Gaza Strip for import and export, is under the control of Israel. It keeps imposing restrictions on movement and trade process. The Israeli closure of Karam Abu Salem threatens the economic sectors of the Gaza Strip.

These threats come in light of the catastrophic economic and humanitarian conditions that the residents of the Gaza Strip have been experiencing for more than 15 years of siege and closure.

To voice their anger at Israeli restrictions,  Palestinian farmers and traders gathered at Karm Abu Salem crossing, the only way for their crops to be sold in markets abroad.

Palestinian farmers and traders also called expressed the crossing closure an aggressive act that reflects Israeli insistence on besieging two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

In light of the Israeli closure of the main crossing in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian farmers and traders, who depend on exporting crops for a living, are calling on the international community to take action to end the Israeli restrictions that have caused serious financial losses.

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